Booklet: Barrier Games

Booklet: Barrier Games


Barriers Games are an excellent technique for developing language and communication skills.
Barrier Games are a simple strategy based on the giving and receiving of instructions.
This strategy helps develop receptive (understanding) and expressive language (speaking) while learning through play. A barrier game can be adapted to any topic with a change of items.
Barrier games are suitable for all ages and abilities.

  • Barrier Games

    Barrier Games

    We do need to explicitly teach the rules for listening and speaking. These include taking turns and co-operation, which will help to develop social skills in a natural way. The children can be taught to acknowledge the listener’s needs and the listener can be encouraged to ask questions to clarify. These are life-long skills needed in an adult world.

    Barrier games can target so much and cater for many different levels and goals within a group of children. Once set up and the children know the rules and how to play, it becomes an independent activity. This can be an ongoing activity during the year to suit each new topic. It is also a great way to assess if the correct vocabulary is being used in relation to the topic.

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